ACTAtekTM (Access Control Time & Attendance) is based on biometric fingerprint, smart card, and PIN code authentication methods with a built-in camera for photo identity. A world-class SSL-protected Access Control and Time Attendance System with web-based Biometric and Smart Card Technology. Together these technologies provide the easiest and safest security for your building, suite or office.

Are Fingerprint Controls right for you?

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  • Secure and Easy to Use
  • 3 Authentication types: Fingerprint, Smart Cards / Key Fobs, PIN codes
  • Network capable for use in multi-unit environments
  • Single enrollment location in multi-unit environment
  • Administration via Web Browser
  • Four levels of administration
  • Controlled access by Groups and/or Time & Date
  • Full featured reporting

General Features

  • 500Dpi Optical Sensor To Capture Fingerprint Minutia
  • Can Be Used Either Stand-Alone Or On A Network (See Network Features Below)
  • Three/Five/Seven Finger Enrollment Increases Accuracy (Fingerprint Models Only)
  • Built-In Smart Card Reader (Smart Card Models Only)
  • 32Mb Non-Volatile Memory - Data Is Protected From Power Loss
  • Supports - Macintosh/Win 98/XP/2003/Unix/Linux Computers
  • Multilingual Support
  • Well Documented Programming Api For Custom Applications
  • Robust Reporting Features
  • Weather Resistant Indoor/Outdoor Casing

Multi Unit Environments

  • One Time Enrollment If Used In A Multi Unit Environment - There Is No Need To Enroll At Each Unit
  • Data Is Replicated On All Units Making Them Functional During Network Connectivity Loss - The Units Will Update The Primary Unit When The Connection Is Restored
  • Group Access Rights Make The Job Of Assigning Access Privileges Easy

Network Features

  • Built-In Web And Database Server
  • Remote Administration Via Web Browser
  • Exchange Of Information Between Devices (Primary / Secondary)
  • Supports Data Transactions Via 128Bit SSL Encryption
  • Network Settings Can Be Obtained Via A Standard DHCP Server Or May Be Statically Configured On The Unit And In The Web Interface
  • Plug And Play
  • ODBC Database Interface Support

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